Before and After Pictures

Mold Infestation on Plywood Roof (interior) in Attic

The before pictures below show a mold infestation on the plywood roof inside an attic. This is a common sight as mold loves to grow on the surface of and through the unprotected, loose composite plywood.

The after pictures reflect typical results of Enzyme Life Sciences’ mold treatments. The original plywood is cleaned through of all mold organisms and spores using fungicide mist, enzyme fog, stain lifting mist.

The plywood was not media blasted, avoiding putting contaminants into the air.

Plywood is not encapsulated. It remains breathable and visible in the event of future leaks, and etc. Click on the image for slideshow.

Black Mold on Concrete Block in Basement Resulting from Excess Moisture

The French drain was overflowing and required a second sump pump be installed to expel standing water in drain.

Dehumidifiers and fans are now setup to run at specific environmental conditions.

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