Financial Benefits

Enzyme Life Sciences strives to protect your home and health. When discussing Real Estate, we discuss financials.

To REMEDIATE, by definition, is “to remove”. Remediate is a term used for Lead and/or Asbestos; which are man-made problems. Those items can be identified and completely removed and replaced (deconstruction/reconstruction) within a structure. Mold is not a man-made problem; it is a biological and only a problem when it infests a structure.

How does one remove microscopic mold spores that are not only airborne, but also in the pores of your building materials? Removing a piece of sheetrock with Mold organism growing on it – does not remove a mold problem. Therefore, one cannot simply Remediate mold, or remove building materials with mold organisms.

As a homeowner, a mold, insect, or odor infestation will greatly depreciate a resale value. Modern homes are built for heating efficiency; tightly compacted, insulated with not much built in ventilation. A ridge vent, while beneficial, fails to perform on the hottest, most humid days of summer. Home Inspectors are always on the lookout for infestations, molds.

As an owner or manager of a commercial property, infestations cause multiple negative exposures. The value of the property can decrease dramatically. Your ability to use or lease the space may be reduced or lost, and workers or tenants may put forward health claims or refuse to pay rent or work.

An investment in Enzyme Life Sciences’ proprietary solutions will protect your investment in your property. We will help you with the sale or purchase of your home with a Transferable Guarantee.

Enzyme Life Sciences does not require deconstruction/reconstruction of any building materials to clean black molds, odors, or insect infestations. As such, the cost of cleaning the infestation is efficient and does not require multiple team members for multiple days. Furnishings and finishes are safe from volatile chemical reactions and you, your pets, and plants are unaffected by the completely non-toxic application.

Building materials that are structurally compromised DUE to the infestation will require removal, i.e. sheetrock crumbling, wood warped from being underwater a long duration; OR support structures of wood not structurally sound due to a termite infestation.

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