Health Benefits

Enzyme Life Sciences goal is to protect our health and homes. When we discuss health, there is nothing of more importance.

Enzyme Life Sciences proprietary cleaners are engineered to replace chemical based cleaners. In particular, harsh chemical commercial cleaners applied indoors that exhibit continuing residual effects. Human, pet, and plant life should not be exposure to, breathe in, or come in contact with, such toxicities.

In most instances, property owners are challenged with an infestation; mold, insect or otherwise, that they must get rid of and are not certain how. In the past, harsh chemicals were the only treatments available. As insects became immune to the poisons; other, necessary steps were added to treatments to ensure insect eradication. Today, Enzyme Life Sciences can eliminate the need for any harsh chemicals.

Mold, insect infestation can cause hazards to human, pet, and plant life. Molds and insects are from nature and only become a biological problem inside a structure.

Enzyme Life Sciences proprietary cleaners are a formulation of specific enzymes, bacterial and nutrients that are listed on the FDA’s GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list and safe for human, pet, and plant life. The ingredients in the solutions can and may be in the foods purchased at the grocery store or the medicines purchased at the pharmacy.

While customers are not exposed to treatment, there is no toxicity or residual to the treatment. The residual to the Enzyme Life Science treatment is the enzymes remain active well beyond application, continuing the cleaning process.

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